Handsome Dan’s


Ken and Joy Calvert met in 2007 in southern Alberta. Eager to begin their lives together they married shortly thereafter and began a series of adventures and big life decisions that eventually moved them from their hometown to the heart of the canadian oilfield in the Lloydminster area where they would work and thrive for several years.

Although Ken kept getting promoted, and Joy was able to semi-retire and work online from home, they both began to think that there should be something more to life. Perhaps it was the -50 celsius winters, or the 2 month long summers, or the longest economic downturn in the oilfield in economic history that got Ken and Joy thinking about what they truly wanted in life. A way to love what they do, love where they do it and experience something completely new everyday!

Ken had always loved Vancouver Island and the pair saw a lovely opportunity with a homegrown vacation rental business that seemed to be doing well. A too brief exploratory trip confirmed for them that a move to the south island was what they wanted. The first evening on the island they saw a seal swim up to them off the dock. There was green vegetation everywhere and it wasn’t even spring or summer!

Ken and Joy wasted no time and bought Handsome Dan’s in December of 2020. They are excited to write the next chapter of their adventures together and hope you will join them in experiencing the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.

Port Renfrew is a favourite destination for a day or overnight trip on Vancouver Island. Each visit, no matter what time of year you are consumed by the natural magnificence of this little community and the earthly beauty that surrounds it.

We invite you to stay in our cottages and enjoy a few days, or weeks any time of the year. There is much to do and see. Or simply do nothing for extended periods of time, but sit quietly and listen to the ocean. All of the cottages are privately owned and decorated to the taste of the owners. We invite you to look at them and are excited to share this special place with you.

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