Cowichan Lake Arts & Culture Society


​Cowichan Lake Arts & Culture Society is dedicated to the recognition, application and advancement of
the many forms of art and culture found in the communities around Cowichan Lake. 

​The purpose of the society is to:
Encourage and foster appreciation of a broad spectrum of arts and culture in the Cowichan Lake Region (area I, area F and Lake Cowichan) by serving residents, of all ages, through the development of connections and partnerships, identifying and securing funding, providing advocacy and by enhancing both exposure
to ​and participation in arts and culture.

Theatre          Music          Dance         Visual Arts
Literary Arts        Culinary Arts       Photography and Film
Knitting     Quilting    Weaving

Cowichan Lake Arts and Culture Society is privileged to serve the communities surrounding Cowichan Lake.
We respectfully acknowledge that we are operating in the territories of the Ts’uubaa-asatx First Nation (Lake Cowichan First Nation), Ditidaht First Nation and Cowichan Tribes.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the original peoples of the Cowichan Valley
for sharing their culture with us.’

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